Beauty; my story

Today, as I was lending a hand for a demolition job near Canyon Lake, TX, I found the most amazing piece of wood. Some — no, most of us would have just strolled past, maybe even kick it to the side, never to cross our minds again.

I’m not most people. I have never been like most people. I’m Rashundra, so, of course, I had to pick it up, I had to hold it, I had to pretend I was walking back to the truck only to swiftly stuff it into my backpack to take home later. Finally, after almost 12 hours of manual labor, I found myself reaching for my earthly find. I examined it, subsequently snapping photos. It was late into the evening and I was loosing sunlight, so I had to be quick! I caught every angle, every crevice; I tried flash, hated the results; I flipped and turned it over in my hands; I became absolutely fascinated, borderline obsessed.

At best, a dry, decaying piece of firewood. At worst, a piece of garbage.

Alas, my mind, my conscience, my very soul – I call Her my “Inner Self” – would not allow me to let it go. I saw the beauty in this object that would normally be tossed aside. Understated beauty has always been a passion of mine. Beauty is perfection, they say. I agree with that statement and always will. However, at times, I find the concept of “perfection” to be quite superfluous, dull, and uninspiring. 

Through my eyes, imperfection is true beauty. Allure is morose, unorthodox, and obscure.

A wilted sunflower. A gap- or chipped-tooth grin. A spider capturing her long-awaited prey. A prosthetic limb. Your favorite t-shirt, the one with the mustard stain. A long deceased reptile, perfectly preserved and mummified. Stretch marks. Krampus. Or even,

an ordinary stick, its structure winding and twisting, almost resembling a bull’s skull, found amongst the leaves. Beauty is literally everywhere. You just have to open your eyes, your heart, and your mind.

Earth is an incredible planet, remarkable and diverse, bizarre and compelling, amazing and vast, we have yet to discover all of Her secrets. Her mystique, Her chaos, will always persevere, long after Humans are gone. Countless different species of plants and animals.

Dirty dirt and filthy filth.

I love our Planet.

Most of all, as hyperbolic as this may sound, I love learning new things, discovering beauty, and being inspired. Even among the cacophony of anxiety, misery, and despair clouding my thoughts every single day, my silent, yet unwavering respect and connection with life itself keeps me going. I walk outside and feel the warm Sun on my cheeks. I want to own my own farm and raise cattle and chickens and goats. Every flower and plant decorates my Afro. I marvel at a great tree, several hundred years old, utterly in awe of its significance, its magnitude, its grace.

(side note : I have started getting into the study of trees, or Dendrology, and they are considerably more interesting than people give them credit for! Since I want everyone to actually enjoy my writing, I will avoid nerding out about how cool trees are…for now... Another time, another blog.)

The element related to Virgo is Earth.

The Earth element is feminine or yin, in-taking and receptive. It corresponds to the Jungian typology of Sensation. The Earth energy is grounded and heavy, responding to the gravity of physical circumstances and limitations. Earth people are in touch with their bodies and the pleasures of the physical world around them. They are givers of form and structure. They endure. They are self-sufficient in a way that the lighter Fire and Air elements are not.

I hope you have a terrible day! I hope you walk outside today and the 110° F heat starts sizzling the skin on your body like bacon and you get caught in traffic without a working radio and a guy in the elevator passes gas but you can’t escape because you’re in an elevator and after all of that, you take the time to look around and really admire the true beauty all around.

I do not care where you are from. I do not care if we are friends. Whoever you are, if you take the time to read this blog or any of my other posts, the love I feel for you is unfathomable, completely pure, yet profound. You’re beautiful. Don’t ever forget that!

now playing : “Don’t Get Captured” by Run The Jewels



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